We're REdI for Peace. Aren't You?

A recent Pew Forum study found that while America is one of the most religious countries in the developed world, most of us are unable to correctly answer questions about the world's religions. This knowledge gap directly impacts civic and political engagement, often preventing the advancement of peace, interfaith understanding and the promotion of cooperative living in our neighborhoods and our nation.

The Religious Education Initiative (rEdi) was founded to address the growing need for improved understanding of the world's religions among people of all faiths. Our mission is to address this problem by providing affordable community courses in Religion, taught by local academics and highly-qualified religious leaders. REdI will also present a variety of learning and dialogue events throughout the year, including lectures, panel discussions, and a yearly conference modeled after the “TED Talks” format.

 We envision a society where people engage their neighbors, co-workers and all others with a deep sense of respect for the cultural and religious backgrounds.