Now Seeking Religion Instructors of All Faiths

The Religious Education Initiative's mission is to improve religious understanding in our society. We will accomplish this goal through a variety of programs -- one of which is a series of affordable community seminars that will teach the histories, traditions, basic tenets of religions, along with introductory courses about their respective holy texts.

In order to accomplish this goal, we now seek to identify a team of instructors who can teach courses in the world's religions to diverse learners. Applicants should possess the following credentials:

1. A Master's degree or higher in a subject related to the course(s) that he or she would like to teach -- or -- the teacher must be a member of clergy in the proposed tradition.

2. The applicant must provide two references that can attest to his or her teaching ability.

3. The applicant must have one year of experience teaching his or her proposed subject in English to adult learners.

4. The applicant must be able to produce course materials for the class, including a syllabus for a four-week class (each class will run two hours), and a PowerPoint presentation.

Teacher/contractor compensation is provided on a per-course basis. Interested parties should send a resumé and cover letter to:

Crystal Lewis - Founder & Director
The Religious Education Initiative

Thanks in advance for your interest in this peacemaking opportunity.